Can I just repair my roof and hold off on replacement for a little while longer? Sounds like a legitimate question to most homeowners. We work hard to earn the money we get and the better stewards we are the more disposable income we have to play hard. And let’s face it, money doesn’t go as far these days as it used to…think about how much $50 will buy you at the grocery store today compare to 10 years ago.

When it comes to roofing, whether a home or a business, the cost is always more than you think it will be. So let’s unpack the pros and cons of repair vs. replace…


We all know the old saying, “an ounce of preventions is worth a pound of cure”. Here are some advantages and tips for repairing your roof.

1. On average asphalt roofs are lasting between 12-16 years, some longer and some less. Yet most shingle warranties are for 20, 25 and even limited lifetime (this is a whole other topic). So as we see there is a large gap between warranties and average lifespan. A yearly checkup after 5 years allows you to identify potential problems and repair them before there is a leak. This preventive measure allows you to maximize the roof you already have there.

2. With the hail and wind damage that so many roofs see it is critical that you have an inspection after your area has been hit with damaging weather…just in case you have damage that insurance companies will pay for.

3. When you repair your roof you must weigh out the cost. Not just the amount of money you will spend but how many years can you get out of your existing roof with this repair? Compare this to the warranties and cost of a new roof. Anytime your repair cost exceeds 25% of the cost for a total roof replacement it makes it a tough decision, especially if the existing roof is getting long in the tooth. Consider the 25% threshold carefully to see if a repair makes sense at this point.

4. Life cycle cost: this is the cost that your roof will have over the course of its life. This cost includes installation, maintenance, and energy efficiency savings. A well maintained roof will outlast a non maintained roof by around 50%. That means if your roof costs 10k and lasts an average of 12 years (without maintenance) then a maintained roof should last around 18 years by average. Also the 10k roof will not cost 10k twelve years from now but more like 14k. So you can do the math and see how much sense (and dollars) a regular maintenance plan can make.


1. Replacing your roof can save you in heating and cooling cost, especially when you combine the replacement with insulation in the attic or roof system. This includes metal roofing. People who install metal roofs find that their heating and cooling bills go down each month, in some cases significantly.

2. Replacing your roof allows you to bring new curb appeal to your home and neighborhood. One of the top things that potential homeowner look for in homes is new or newer roofs. This lessens the investment they will have to put into the property and it is also a significant part of what they see as they pull up to view a property. Not to mention resale value.

3. Replacing your roof allows you the opportunity to do the things you really have wanted to do for some time. You can tear down that crusty old brick chimney that you do not use anymore, you can deck over and take out those old skylights, or put some new ones in. You can replace that old wet rotted plywood around leaking areas you didn’t even know existed. This is especially helpful with family members in the home with asthma and allergies.

You are the only one that can decide if a replacement or a repair of your roof makes sense. If you can’t decide or you would like a second opinion feel free to contact us at


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