Snow Roof

Get proper ventilation and care for your roof, but most importantly ask a lot of questions about your roof and learn all there is.

Is there something I am forgetting?

We have all done it…left the house, got halfway to work only to realize that your phone is still on the bathroom counter. The frustration of forgetting, or worse yet not knowing about something, is nothing less than mind numbing. The same thing with commercial roofs as well as residential roofs and roofing.

We see people every day who are surprised to know that ventilation is critical to a long lasting roof or certain neighborhoods won’t allow the type roof system they want. Could you imagine roofing your home with a great metal roof only to find that your Homeowners Association does not allow it in their by-laws. Then what??? When (not if) you find yourself in the market to replace your roof just know you can NEVER ask too many questions. The more you know the better equipped you are to be a good steward of your money that mom warned you doesn’t grow on trees. Let’s talk about a few questions to ask that may help you make a wise decision when it comes to managing and maintaining your roof and if you are a property manager that would be roofs.

1. What type roof does my HOA allow? Not allow? A quick look at the by-laws could save heart ache and a lawsuit. If you can’t locate the by-laws then a quick call or email to a board member should do the trick to find out everything about what they say about roofs.

2. What does ventilation do for my roof to extend the life? What types work best for our homes design? The better your roof can breathe the longer it should last. Just like you and I, if we had to breathe through a straw for long we would pass out from lack of proper amounts of oxygen.

3. Is a permit required and who is responsible for that? I have seen Codes Inspectors come to shut a job down because the contractor failed to obtain a permit for replacement of parts of a roof. At that point they have the authority to triple the cost which can be passed along to the homeowner so get this in writing.

4. Will there be any additional cost to pay that you may not know about? The answer us often times yes. If plywood is found to be rotted or de-laminated (where the attic has gotten so hot that the glue between the wood plies has broken down and is now separated) how much does this cost? Would the contractor be willing to throw in a sheet as a part of the job? Never hurts to ask.

5. What about a final inspection? What if you have small issues that need to be corrected before you feel comfortable writing the final check? It is always best to walk around the home to make sure there are no nails that may be sticking up, all trash is off the roof visibly, the grounds are clean (including window seals, air conditioning units and flower beds) and most important NO NAILS on driveways or walkways. When you walk around with your contractor you feel better about your roofing job.

These are just a few things to consider but not everything. Another good thing to consider is calling someone who has recently had their roof replaced or if all else fails then just go to Facebook, twitter, Tumblr, Youtube.com! The point is to be prepared and ask many many questions about roofs and roofing management. And if you happen to find a real live money tree get some seeds to show your mother.


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