Roofing Decisions: Repair, Patch, or Replace?

Repair, Patch Or Replace Roof

Discoloration, missing or cracked shingles, and leaks in your roof all point to the same thing: that your roof is in bad shape and needs attention. This is why it is good to carry out regular roof inspections. Minor damages can be detected early and quickly corrected before they spell disaster for the entire roof structure. But how do you know how your roof should be fixed? When is the right time to repair or patch a roof and when should you have it replaced entirely? Read on to find out.

When to Replace Roof


The lifespan of a roof, which largely depends on the material type, is normally within a range of 10 – 50 years. It is time to replace your roof when the shingles start to curl or show signs of aging. Roof sags indicate that there is a problem with your roof structure. Mold or moss infestation could also weaken the roof structure. Most importantly, a new roof replacement is needed after an inspection has revealed that the damage has gone beyond repair.



Less severe roof damage mostly requires repair or patchwork. This is especially true if it is only a minute portion of the roof that is affected. For example, a few shingles being blown away by a mild storm. If they are still in good shape, they can be re-fixed or patched up with newer shingles. There would be no need to change the entire roof before time in situations like this. Repairs cost less and are more convenient in comparison with an overall roof replacement.

Damaged Shingles


In essence, a professional is in the best position to determine how your roof should be fixed and this can only come after inspecting your roof. Typically, your consultation with a Nashville roofer will involve inquiries about the details of your roofing issues and the current status of your roof. Factors like the age of your roof and the extent of current damage will be put into consideration in giving you an expert recommendation for your project.

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Never ignore roof defects, no matter how minor they may seem initially. Over time, they could develop into a way bigger problem and put your family or business at risk. If you would like a roof inspection to see what type of repair or replacement you need, contact Tim Leeper Roofing and we’ll be happy to lend a hand.