Advanced in Roof Technology

August 24, 2021
Tim Leeper Roofing

No matter how well you take care of your roof, how well you clean the leaves, branches, and moss, your roof will eventually need to get replaced. While this whole ordeal may seem troublesome, this replacement might be beneficial because not only you will be getting a new roof, but also a better one since the technology is advancing so rapidly. Here are the top 4 advances in roof technology today:

Correct Nails for the Job

You might think all nails do the same job, but that’s not true. In roofing, we need nails that will stay in place and not back out after being exposed to harsh elements. This nail is called the ring shank nail because they have rings along the nail shaft, and thanks to this, you make sure your roof will stay put no matter how bad the weather gets out there.

Better Insulation

Before installing the underlayment and the shingles, we use ice and water shield on your roof. This not only gives your roof a longer life because of better protection from elements, but it also provides better insulation. Better insulation means lower utility bills because your house will heat up a lot more efficiently!

Longer Lasting Shingles

Our new Owens Corning Asphalt shingle comes with a 20-year warranty. Older shingles were rated to last around 15 years at most, so the improvement is pretty noticeable! Newer shingles are also rated with a 130 mph wind rating, so you can rest easy being protected from wild Tennessee tornadoes!

FLIR Thermal Imaging

If you don’t think your roof replacing just now, we can provide more accurate inspections using our thermal imaging tool. The FLIR thermal imaging lets us see if the water has penetrated the upper layer of the roofing system. Not all water penetration results in leaks right away, so by using thermal imaging we can fix water leaks before they even occur!

Conclusion Paragraph

We know no one would like to deal with all the expenses and the hassle of getting your roof replaced. However, with these new advancements in roofing technology, you can rest easy knowing that your new roof will last a lot longer, be a lot stronger and provide better insulation to your home. To benefit from all these new advancements in roofing technology, you have to work with experienced professional roofers such as Tim Leeper Roofing. With 17 years of experience in the field, we guarantee that you will get the best of the best materials and tech when you are repairing or installing your roof. Get your free estimate by calling 615-553-2782, or by submitting the form at this link!


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